Thanks for visiting Peerie Pics. I am a photographer, writer and editor, formerly living on the Westside of Shetland recently moved to Wales, where we have relocated our walking and wildlife business.

silwick 0001If you’ve ended up here because you’re interested in Shetland, please read my blogs (see Recent Posts, right), which, I hope, give a flavour of what life is like here. You can take a look at some of my pictures on my Gallery pages, and if you’re interested in buying images as prints, digital files, postcards, or in any other format, please contact me at peeriepics@gmail.com, or leave a comment.  Some of my pictures are also available to buy at Alamy.

If you’re thinking of visiting Shetland, I very much hope that you do so – it is a beautiful place and there is much that we’ll miss when we’re gone.

If you’re interested in Wales, please visit our new website at www.wildwalkswales.co.uk. You’ll find lots of information about walking and holidays there. And please follow my new blog at slipperywitch.wordpress.com. And you can, of course, follow me on twitter.

Thanks for reading.



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