Cool as folk

I’ve been having a slightly exhausting time the past few days. I’ve been reviewing the Shetland Folk Festival on a nightly basis for Shetland News (you can take a look at my reviews here) – since Thursday, and it’s not over yet. It’s the last night tonight, and though I’m looking forward to a grand finale, part of me will be a bit glad when it’s all over.

It’s not the going along to the concerts and standing for five hours solid that’s the problem (though making a rash decision to go for a run yesterday morning didn’t help on that front), it’s the being out until midnight and then having to come home, process photos and write up the review, before falling into bed at about 2.30am-ish. Only to be woken at 6.30am by the relentless sunshine pouring in through our flimsy curtains, and the knowledge that the chickens need to be let out.

It’s a hard life being a music reviewer – afternoon naps have become the order of the day. Talk about a rock’n’roll lifestyle…

A gorgeous little bright yellow finch

A gorgeous little bright yellow finch

WE SEEM to have some siskins hanging around the garden longer than they ought. These gorgeous little bright yellow finches are passage migrants in Shetland, essentially – a very few have been known to nest here, though none anywhere near where we are in Skeld. But Graham caught three in his net three or four days ago, and ringed them, and they are still here, hanging around.

Maybe it’s just that we’ve got food out and they’re taking advantage and feeding up before they continue their journey south, or maybe – just maybe – they’re thinking about setting up home here (or at least two of them are). Wouldn’t that be great? Having baby siskins in our garden?


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