An obsession with aquilegia

I discovered some Granny’s Bonnet – or aquilegia, or columbine, or any number of other names, so I’m told – growing  in the garden yesterday, and thought it was so lovely I’d pick a sprig to photograph.

It seems to have developed into something of an obsession.

First, I had to get all set up with coloured paper for a background, and the right light (natural), coming from the right angle, which gave me an opportunity to play around with my new reflector. And of course, I had to experiment with different-coloured papers, and different angles, and focusing on different blooms.

Then I decided it merited a bit of macro treatment – which made me realise how badly I need a much sturdier tripod than the one I have. The close-up pics have come out well enough for posting on the internet, but they wouldn’t get past a picture library checker.

It’s made me realise, too, that I need to expand my range of backgrounds – I much prefer to set up with a nice background than to Photoshop one in later – so I think a trip to a craft shop might be in order. Some sort of easel would be useful too – bits of paper sellotaped to the back of a dining chair standing on the kitchen table isn’t the most professional of studio set-ups…

But I persevered, and tried yellow, blue and green backgrounds, and I’m quite pleased with the results. I think I like the cool blue best. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “An obsession with aquilegia

  1. sprintexec says:

    Aquilegia 8 gets my vote, although they are all quite charming! These flowers remind me of my very green-fingered paternal grand-mother. She used to grow all sorts of plants and was highly regarded for her ability. Aquilegia in various colours could be seen dotted into her flower-beds at this time of year.

  2. Abi says:

    8 and 12 for me I think. It’s taken me this long to getting around to reading the blog, lovely results, Liv. I love that you never quite know what colour aquilegia will come up in the garden each year. Mine are mostly dark purple; one red; and a couple of pale pink and originated from Mum’s patch. She was so right when she told me that they would end up everywhere! The more the merrier I say – and the bees love them.

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