A walk to Reawick

Bert and I walked around the coast to Reawick this morning.

It was a beautiful, sunny day; blue skies and fluffy white clouds, and, thankfully, enough of a breeze to keep off the midges which have come out in force the past week or so.

The walk starts out along our usual walk round the bay, then continues round headland after headland, with views way down to South Mainland and Fitful Head. We could, of course, have cut off lots of the little points – but what would have been the point (ha ha) of that? The idea was to walk the coastline, not get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Yes, we walked right out to the end of the point...

Yes, we walked right out to the end of the point…

There was lots of evidence of otter activity – some of the small points were strewn with broken-up sea urchin shells and crab claws, always a sure sign.

We stopped for elevenses at a photogenic bit of old building, with brightly coloured bricks in the wall and worn wooden gates adding to its character. Disgruntled, displaced sheep eyed us warily, not happy at our unexpected and no-doubt-unusual presence. I can’t imagine that many people do this walk. Far out to sea there was a little yacht with red sails bobbing about on the water, and later we stood on the top of a cliff watching a fisherman far below us, putting out his buoys.

A very photogenic bit of old wall and gate

A very photogenic bit of old wall and gate

When we reached Reawick, with its golden sandy beach, first thing I did was take my boots and socks off and cool my feet down. It was lovely! And then, suddenly, we discovered we weren’t alone. A little border terrier puppy appeared and positively threw herself at Bert who, though somewhat taken aback at first, soon decided he was definitely in love. The two had a great time, tearing around the beach, playing.

I met the man who owns this beach

I met the man who owns this beach

Meanwhile, I met Misty’s (for that was her name) owner, who also just happens to be the owner of the beach itself. How lovely, to have your own beach, and a beautiful one at that. How lucky to be Misty, to have an owner who has a beach for you to play on all day, whenever you like.

Love is in the air...

Love is in the air…

I think Bertie will be back to visit Misty again…


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