How does our garden grow…? (part II)

Well, at least we’ve managed to mow the lawn. I say ‘we’ – Graham mowed, of course, I raked up the mowings and put them on the compost, and Bertie ran around getting very green feet.

Graham has been suffering really badly with hayfever this year, so his tomatoes and salad in the greenhouse have been sadly neglected. Just sticking his head in there, where there was also a completely overgrown central area full of herbs, with fennel breaking out through the roof, had him sneezing like crazy. I’m no use – I don’t know one end of a plant from the other, and couldn’t be trusted to prune the tomatoes sensibly. I once put carrot tops in my sandwich, not realising they weren’t, actually, a salad plant.

The greenhouse before...

The greenhouse before…

Anyway, the past few days his hayfever calmed down quite a bit, so he at last brought the tomatoes and the fennel under control. It is now safe to go back into the greenhouse.

...And the greenhouse after

…And the greenhouse after

The garden itself is still bursting with flowers. The lupins are done, and the aquilegias are all but over, but all sorts of other things have been springing up in their place. The fuchsias are looking gorgeous in their rich purple and red, while etwined around them are yet more nasturtiums. Honeysuckle is sweetly scenting the back garden, and tiny purple and yellow pansies are popping out from underneath the (rather rampant) grasses. There are geraniums of all sorts of colours and rich red herbaceous potentilla. We even had – very briefly – two or three opium poppies.

And after mowing the lawn, we decided to let the chooks back round the front for a scrat in the grass and the leavings – sure to be lots of juicy insects in there. It was nice to see them in the front garden again, fluffy bottoms blowing in the wind.

garden-12 garden-11 garden-10 garden-9 garden-8 garden-6 garden-5 garden -3 garden -2 garden -1


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