My job

I have a really good job in the entertainment business.

It’s quite simple, but involves a number of tasks.

Here is [part of] my job description.

I am:

The opener of gates into fields full of bunnies.

The lifter-over-fences-that-are-too-high, and
the lifter-upper-of-fences-that-are-too-low.

The thrower of old buoys, found on the beach.

The  winder-down-of-the-car-window
just enough so a head can be stuck out.

The retriever of squeaky balls from under the sofa.

The re-inserter of pulled out squeaks. Any number of times,
even when they’ve stopped actually squeaking and only huff.

The giver-upper of trying to write
in favour of tickling a tummy.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, I am
The mover-upper to provide half the sofa and
The mover-over to give up three-quarters of the bed.


My employer has complete and utter faith and trust in me to carry out my duties without complaint, unstintingly.

That faith and trust are all the remuneration I need.

I love my job.


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