The hills are alive

Bertie and I are doing some serious hill-fitness training in preparation for our move to Wales. It’s a bit difficult in Shetland though, as there aren’t really any high hills. We mostly have to just go up and down a lot.

Going out for our usual afternoon walk, though, and giving myself the target of ‘getting to the top of that bump there’ adds new purpose to walking the dog. And Bert doesn’t mind. Though he’d prefer it if we just kept to the more rabbit-infested parts.

There it is - that's the massive Mouldy Hill in the distance...

There it is – that’s the massive Mouldy Hill in the distance…

So, the other day we went up Mouldy Hill (yes, it is called that!) just a leisurely 80m above sea level, but about as high as I can get walking from the front door. It’s basically an extension of our usual walk up the burn, and I can’t remember when we last did it without seeing mountain hares (now turning white) and red grouse.

A short drive away, the Ward of Culswick – a monumental 118m – was conquered one afternoon after an early finish at work, and yesterday, we walked up  Weisdale Hill – a whopping 260m. (Whoah, pass me the oxygen!)  It was a beautiful, bright sunny afternoon and evening (though pretty cold with an Arctic wind) and there were some stunning views down Weisdale Voe.

It’s all very well, though, this mock hill-walking, but I’m now thoroughly excited about getting to Wales and really getting some height.

Here’s a few of the views we’re looking forward to…


One thought on “The hills are alive

  1. grahamuney says:

    Reblogged this on Wild Wales and commented:
    My wife’s getting ready for our move to Wales in a couple of weeks. No more small bumps in Shetland for us!

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