About Me

Me and Graham, with Bert bunnying the background (Photo/Stuart Nicol)

Me and Graham, with Bert bunnying the background (Photo/Stuart Nicol)

I am a freelance journalist and photographer, an ex-magazine editor with 20 years’ experience of the world of journalism, a field in which I’ve worked all over the country, from London to Inverness, Carlise and Cambridge.

I started out as a sub-editor – hence my pedantic attitude to grammar – training on the job in the press and publications office of the University of Bristol. I went on to work on glossy women’s magazines in London and then, when the wild began to call in the form of my husband-to-be, on local newspapers in the Highlands and Cumbria.

For four years until September 2011, when the recession and redundancy struck, I was editor of a local lifestyle magazine in Cambridge. With a limited budget, I started taking pictures for the magazine myself and that was where my interest in photography began.

My husband Graham and I moved to Canna with our dog Bertie in April 2012. After five months we realised that, although Canna was not right for us, we are in love with island life, and so we have moved to Shetland, to set up a new home, business and life.

Here Graham and I are now running day walking tours, and Graham is also offering hill skills and navigation courses. Go to Shetland Walking and Wildlife for more information. We are both continuing with our photography and are offering prints, postcards, greetings cards etc for sale, and I also offer a comprehensive editorial service. Bert, meanwhile, continues on his (spectacularly unsuccessful) quest to rid the world of as many rabbits as he can catch.

Graham and I are keen wildlife watchers, as well as loving walking and being interested in archaeology, which makes Shetland the perfect place for us to be, and we’re very excited about this new adventure we’ve embarked upon. Keep an eye on my blog to find out how we’re getting on, and take a look at the Shetland Walking and Wildlife site for updates on which walks are on offer.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are so lucky to live on Shetland, what an envy! I’ll follow you to know about your new Shetlander’s lifestyle. Best wishes, Ångel

  2. peeriepics says:

    Thank you. Perhaps your wanderings will bring you to Shetland one day. I see you’ve been to Orkney – also very beautiful, but not as wild and rugged as Shetland. Come a little further north next time…

    • Yes, I was in Orkney few months ago. I had in my mind took the NorthLink ferry to go a bit further north to Shetland and then to Bergen but I had a sudden and I had to come back home. I was really close to the far north. Surely the next time! Best wishes, Àngel

  3. Like your previous correspondent I have only made it as far as Orkney (though three times now). I envy your new start in Shetland and wish you both well.I like your wee dog Bertie!
    Alan Stewart

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