Photography workshops

Would you like to get more familiar with your DSLR? Take control of your camera, learn to use it more creatively and give your pictures the ‘wow’ factor you’ve always wanted? Now you can on a Peerie Pics Photography day, run in conjunction with Shetland Walking and Wildlife..

Aimed at beginner photographers with DSLRs, these fun and informative days will teach you how to get out of the auto modes, discover your creativity and make your camera do what you want it to do. And what better time to learn to master your camera than while you’re here in the beautiful Shetland Islands?

These small group workshops (six max) are run by Olivia Abbott, an experienced journalist and photographer (see About Me, for more information). Her work encompasses a variety of subjects and situations, including landscape, wildlife, portraits, detail and macro photography, and she shares her experience and enthusiasm in these informal and friendly days. Olivia spends an hour or two going through your camera’s controls and explaining some photography basics, and then, giving you the chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice, takes you outside to get some pictures.

10am-4pm, Skeld, Westside, £80 per person

livi photoing -1

Our workshops are held in the picturesque little village of Skeld, on the Westside of Shetland. A small harbour with colourful fishing boats, traditional croft houses and a nature hide are among the many things that combine to give a wide variety of photographic opportunities.

We’ll begin with a ‘getting to know your camera’ session, with the emphasis on understanding the menu, modes and functions on your camera. You’ll get lots of practical advice as we cover such topics including using the creative modes, understanding exposure, depth of field, and focusing.

Skeld village and marina

Skeld village and marina

Then, after coffee and biscuits, we’ll head out for a look around Skeld harbour and village and the surrounding coast to make the most of the photographic opportunities available there, and to learn more about light, composition, and creating stunning photos.

Workshops take place on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Sunday of each month (April to August inclusive).

For more information or to book a place, email or call 01595 860399


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