Editorial services

Need an expert to write some words for you – or to check over what you’ve written? Thinking of putting together a publication? Whether you want to promote your business, publicise a local charity event or get your book or feature ship shape to present to an agent or publisher, I can help…


I am a writer and sub editor with 20 years’ experience as a journalist. I started out training on the job as a sub-editor and worked my way up through the ranks to become editor, taking in a number of roles on the way. I am an extremely pernickety sub-editor, passionate about grammar, spelling and style rules, who takes bad writing as a personal insult.

I have worked as chief sub editor on a number of glossy magazines – covering subjects including parenting, weddings, and health and fitness – and business-to-business publications, including one of the top trade computing titles.

I have written and subbed news and features pages for a number of local newspapers around the country and have written for, subbed and helped create and design websites.

My writing work encompasses an enormous variety of subjects – features and news including interviews, events, travel, social issues, food, theatre, music, health and beauty, wildlife – you name it, I can turn my hand to it.

And of course, if you need pictures as well, I can provide the complete package.

So, whether you need someone to turn your press releases into lively, engaging words that will attract customers; someone to cut your features down to the right length while keeping your individual style and the salient points intact; someone to write an article or feature from scratch on any subject in any style; or simply someone to come in and sub at speed to get your publication out on time, please email me, peeriepics@gmail.com.


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